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File an Ethics Complaint

Below are the forms for you to use should you choose to file a complaint with the Grievance Committee of the Springfield Board of REALTORS® alleging misconduct by one of our REALTOR® members.

What We Can Do

The Grievance Committee investigates complaints solely on the Code of Ethics of the National Association of REALTORS®. Should you believe any of the articles have been violated, that will then form the basis of your complaint. Please be specific in your complaint, explaining why you feel a particular article has been violated. We cannot file your complaints for you; however, if you have questions of a procedural nature or have difficulty in framing your complaints, someone will be assigned to assist you.

The Board can offer to arbitrate a money dispute between members of the public and REALTOR® firms. Both parties must voluntarily agree in advance to submit to arbitration by the Board, and be bound by the arbitrators.

What We Cannot Do

The Board cannot hear or decide issues of law. Therefore, if your problem is legal or of a contractual nature, we suggest you contact an attorney.

The Board cannot, and will not consider awarding compensatory or punitive damages; and should any fines be levied against any member, those funds would go to the Springfield Board of REALTORS®. If you would like the Board to arbitrate a dispute involving a REALTOR®, please send a summary of the events in a letter stating your desire for information on the Board’s Dispute Resolution System. You will be contacted if the Board determines that the dispute can be arbitrated.

The Board of REALTORS® does not control licenses, and membership is entirely voluntary on the part of real estate licensees. The Board, therefore, has no jurisdiction to hold hearings involving real estate licensees who are not members of this Board. Should your complaint be against a licensee who is not a member of this Association, we suggest you contact the Ohio Real Estate Commission at 1 (614) 466-4100

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